Medical science has been studying corneal healing for more than a century. Since 1987, more than 1,000,000 laser vision procedures have been performed. From all of the data available to date, there have been no significant long-term problems.

Although Excimer Laser Correction is considered to be very safe, there are still some side effects associated with excimer laser treatment. These will be explained fully by your physician and a list is included in your post-procedure kit.

There is a very slight risk of infection during the first two to three days after the procedure. As part of your treatment, you will receive antibiotic drops before and after your session. We recommend that you avoid activities that may expose you to infection for the first week, such as gardening or swimming. A detailed list of prohibited activities will be included in your post-procedure kit.

Although very rare, corneal scarring can occur from a severe eye infection. This side effect can usually be corrected in a follow-up procedure.

Night Glare
The most common problem at night is glare around lights. This is usually noticed in the first few months after treatment and improves in almost all patients.

You may experience some overcorrection during the healing process. Again, this is a normal part of your eye's healing. You'll find that your vision will stabilize within one to three months, depending on your initial level of myopia. In rare cases the overcorrection may persist; after a six month period, a follow-up procedure can be performed to remedy this problem.

Ten years of investigative trials with Excimer Laser Correction have demonstrated that vision almost always remains stable. Some individuals may experience a degree of regression or undercorrection, although this is usually minimal. It can be corrected with an additional procedure. The overwhelming majority of individuals require only one procedure.

Reduced Vision in Dim Light
A small percentage of patients experience a minimal loss of vision sharpness in dimmer light. Usually, these are patients with high levels of myopia. Most patients find that this improves within three to six months.

As with any surgical procedure, results may vary from patient to patient. However, based on the results of thousands of cases, we can predict an excellent outcome for the vast majority of Excimer Laser Correction treatments.

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