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You want the best possible result from your treatment, so you need to be sure that you are being treated by the most experienced and skilled physicians using the most advanced technology available including LASIK. With the Farmington Laser Eye Center you have that assurance. We rigorously pursue an unsurpassed standard of quality for our people, our procedures and our environment.

Farmington Laser Eye Center physicians are considered among the most experienced refractive surgeons in North America. Our physicians are required to stay current with leading edge technologies and techniques in excimer laser treatment. Our success rate is so high that doctors around North America regularly refer their more difficult cases to us. Our centers use only the most advanced laser systems available for refractive correction.

It is equally important that you be comfortable, relaxed and confident for your procedure, and throughout your recovery, so we bring a caring attitude to everything we do. We are also committed to keeping our patients fully informed. No question is too simple, no concern is too trivial. It is only through complete knowledge that you can be sure you're making the right decision. At the
Farmington Laser Eye Center we provide more than a treatment, we provide peace of mind.

This website was created to provide the information you need to make a knowledgeable decision about
Excimer Laser Correction. Just think, in the time it will take to read it, you could have your vision treated.

Financing Available

Financing of eye surgery is now used quite frequently. Contact our office for the details at (877) 40-LASER or (248) 851-7450, or click the button to apply on line with Hillside Financing.

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