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Farmington Laser Eye Center is dedicated to providing the most advanced technology available for refractive surgical correction. We are committed to the education of our patients to enable them to best evaluate what refractive surgery in general and laser vision correction in particular can offer to enhance their lifestyle.

Farmington Laser Eye Center opened in 1998 after FDA approvals for excimer laser vision correction had been expanded to include moderate to high levels of myopia or nearsightedness as well as astigmatism. With the approval for hyperopia or farsightedness in November 1998 we are now able to offer laser vision correction to more than 99% of potential candidates.

Farmington Laser Eye Center is state of the art facility equipped with the most sophisticated instruments for the assessment of refractive errors. Automated refractors and corneal topography units permit precise measurement of the basic refractive error and detail corneal curvatures and any irregularities. Digital imaging systems are used to generate a permanent photographic record for future comparison.

Surgical instruments are unsurpassed with advanced microkeratomes for the creation of corneal flaps in
LASIK. We boast the latest in scanning excimer laser technology.

The key element remains our chief surgeon Dr. Fiander who has been at the forefront since the inception of
LASIK and who's experience with each of the major excimer lasers (Summit, VISX, and Nidek) and microkeratomes enables Farmington Laser Eye Center to deliver unequalled care to our patients.

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